Many Thanks!

thank you

Thank You for the Movement!

WOW, what an incredible experience we just had at the Steamboat Movement Fest. Filled with so much love,  kindness,  acceptance, presence, communication, connection, uniqueness, authenticity, compassion and diversity. All in the heart  of Steamboat Springs, Colorado! How blessed were we with the magical weather?! It was like the gods themselves shined down to bless our second annual Steamboat Movement Fest.

And, oh how we moved! From the river to the sails, we moved. From the drums to the songs, we moved. From the chanting and meditation, to the listening in anticipation, we moved. With the trees and the grass and the wind and the sun, we moved. We moved in love, in connection. We moved our hearts, our voices, our bodies, our minds. And, we WERE moved.  By the overwhelming sensation of connection, love, peace, and harmony.

Kristen and I want to not only thank you, but honor you, for the opportunity to work with each and everyone of you as co-creator of this experience. We look forward to seeing you again next year August 10 through the 13th, 2017.  A year is only a year away. Nine days to get your 3 day pass for 2017 at the low low price of $108. Let the movement never stop, let it grow!

The whole steamboat movement fest team extends their deepest gratitude to all the volunteers, vendors, teachers, sponsors and the steamboat community itself. Thank you, thank you, thank you! For this was a collaborative event that has left a warm feeling in our hearts. We could not have pulled it off without everyone!! It takes a village!  Let’s keep the village growing.  And may our community only get stronger.

Kristen Rockford & Talaya Thomas