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With over three dozen instructors, including some of the hottest Master Teachers in the country.

Offerings for Everyone

Over 50 classes to choose from in all different styles and variety of yoga and movement.


Come enjoy one of the most beautiful mountain towns in the country, Steamboat Springs.

Enjoy the Outdoors

Yoga outdoors, Stand Up Paddleboarding, hiking, biking, trail running, or just lazing in the sun.


Listen to engaging speakers talk about yoga, health, mind, body, spirituality, and personal growth.

Inspirational Talks

Like mini Ted Talks, these dinner conversations are sure to leave you engaged, inspired, and motivated to live your best possible life both on and off the mat!

Praise from Steamboat Movement Festers, 2015

The Steamboat Movement Fest was a celebration of yoga, fitness, Mother Nature, and community. Each moment was filled with intention. I had space to share my heart and get filled up in places I didn’t even know I needed. It was an incredible experience that I cannot wait to be a part of for years to come.
Christen Bakken, Rockin' Bhakti Founder
SMF was the perfect blend of cool laid-back mountain vibe with creative professional artists, teachers, and coaches. No hype, no hula hoops and a whole lot of love and light!
Sarah Coleman, Fitness Instructor
The Steamboat Movement Fest was truly life changing. Feelings of love and support brought on deep, meaningful connections amongst all of us. The thought and intimacy fostered by the founders came across in all of the events from opening ceremonies to close and everything in between. I will be marking my calendar for 2016 as a not-to-be-missed. The energy created by SMF stayed with me long after the weekend. Thank you!
Leslie Murphy, Creative Bearings
The Fest was an incredible way to connect with amazing people that live up in Steamboat, and across the country. Seeing everything come together after months of work was incredible! The location, classes, teachers, Steamboat Grand, the weather… everything was perfect! If you didn’t make it in 2015… it is a must in 2016.
Gina Pinciaro, Yoga Student
From the Movement Fest to all of the amazing people I met, my time in the Boat left me feeling — full… More times than I can count and in so many wonderful ways, my time in Steamboat invited me to slow down, look around and draw in deep, nourishing, peaceful gulps from the source itself, so much so that my well feels overflowing; my spirit, glowing.
Justin Kaliszewski, Founder, Outlaw Yoga

Our Mission

SMF is founded on the desire that every participant walk away with tools that can be carried into everyday life while consciously connecting you to your truth, through a variety of mind, body and spiritual classes, held in the summer mountain paradise that is Steamboat Springs, Colorado.