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Join the Steamboat Movement Festival Volunteer Tribe! In 2015 we launched our first annual Steamboat Movement Festival. The energy, love, creativity and devotion shared in that experience was incredible. We are extremely excited to host our fourth annual festival in August 2018. Our volunteers play a crucial role in providing an organized and memorable event for all. Join the SMF Yoga Bee Team and work behind the scenes. Team members will get to attend yoga classes, speaker series, musical events and enjoy the uplifting energy of the festival in exchange for a commitment of 14 hours of work and a nominal fee. Come gather in the beautiful mountains of Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

“Be the change…” get involved in the Movement. We are looking for houses, condos, and spare bedrooms available to house our talent for the weekend of the Steamboat Movement Fest. This is great opportunity to get involved on a deeper level. Get to know an incredible teacher, give back to the community, and receive passes as compensation. If you have a space you are willing to donate please email Thank you for doing your part to make this event happen and change the world.

This is a group for Steamboat Movement Fest’s Inner Movement Team. Interested in earning a FREE Movement Class of your choice just by sitting at your computer? Join to earn free classes in exchange for helping promote Steamboat Movement Fest. You can earn credit by promoting online (inviting friends to events, sharing posts, etc.) Credit counts toward qualifying classes at Steamboat Movement Fest 2017.

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