Meredith Cameron

Join the Movement August 15-18, 2019!

Meredith Cameron is an international yoga teacher and the founder of Yoga Stability®, an awakening of familiar yoga poses by cultivating awareness around personal habits and learning to find personal bone structure (implementing and learning all Stability tactics), so that one can ignite their organs and really up the ante on overall health and life. She travels teaching workshops, retreats, and intensives that gives you tools to be a well-informed individual. Cameron’s teachings are one of a kind, as she has seen the need for everyone to wake up to their own personal set of conditions and realizes that not all cues are created equal. She is highly influenced by her teachers Melissa French, Abbie Galvin, Shannon Paige, and Elena Brower and explores Taoism under the Dantao Dragon Gate with German Sanmateu.

Breaking down familiar yoga poses in a workshop style format and finding stability by using various, solid and ground breaking approaches. The use of demonstration, trying and re-trying, and strategically chosen poses will allow each individual to gain insight to THEIR own set of conditions Not all cues are meant for all people, this is why this approach is created. We learn what we, as individuals, needs in those poses that we visit often on the yoga mat. We take it all back into the flow and apply it to our own uniqueness, awakening stability, capacity and vision.

Meredith was named by Yoga Journal as one of the “15 top tier internationally renowned yoga teachers to study with ASAP”

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