Whitney Seymour Wheelock

Join the Movement August 15-18, 2019

I was born in Denver in 1978. I am the son of hippies-turned-lawyers who showed me life in two different worlds. At work my parents were using the law to fight for the rights of children, battered women, injured workers, etc. and I learned the infinite value of humanity and each individual’s right to freedom, health and love. At home my parents were reading ancient and modern perspectives of humanity; Rumi, Milarepa, Gurdjieff and I’m pretty sure all the modern spiritual self help books available. From this environment I learned systems to foster and express freedom, health and love.

I then lived in two different worlds for the first 25 years of life. As I kept the spiritual side of myself in a private world, outwardly I went with the flow of modern America. I played collegiate sports, graduated college with an economics degree, got a job at the United States Federal Reserve Bank, left the Fed to sell wine and married a successful corporate lawyer. On the outside I lived the “perfect” life according to the American Dream, on the inside I was sad and unfulfilled.

When my wife decided we did not have complimentary life goals I left everything in the US and moved to Germany to play semi-professional football (soccer). After a few months I realized I wanted to explore other, non-western, paradigms of life. I moved on, this time to Asia, a place I hoped would show me alternative options to the modern Western ideals of life.

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