• Vendors are not confirmed until full payment is made.  Payment is due within 30 days of notification of application acceptance.
  • Cancellation 30 or more days prior to the event will result in a $200 cancellation fee.  All cancellations made less than 30 days prior to event are non-refundable.
  • Vendors will receive exact booth assignments on-site.
  • The event takes place rain or shine.  No refunds will be made due to weather conditions.
  • Vendor booth must be open and staffed during Vendor Hours.
  • Vendor is solely responsible for securing merchandise at night.  There is no overnight security of the outdoor vendor area.


  • Indoor Vendors will be given an approximate 8’x8′ area and will need to supply your own (1) 6 foot table and 2 chairs.
  • Outdoor vendors must provide a 10’x10’ tent and their own booth display, table, chairs, dressing room, etc.  All outdoor vendor tents must be weighted on ALL four corners with at least 25lbs on each leg – no stakes permitted.
  • All vendors are required to have a City of Steamboat Springs sales tax license, a Colorado Sales Tax or Special Event Sales tax license, and responsible for paying sales tax on any items sold.  Please contact the City of Steamboat sales tax office directly to obtain this permit.

Amy Camilletti, City of Steamboat Springs – Sales Tax Clerk

P.O. Box 772869, Steamboat Springs, CO 80477

Phone (970) 871-8233, Fax (970) 879-8851

  • Wi-Fi and electricity are available at both locations but please have a backup ready in case of unforeseen problems.  Personal hotspots are recommended as backup for any vendor who relies on internet access.
  • All food vendors must obtain a Routt County Department of Environmental Health Special Activity Permit.  Please contact the Routt County Department of Environmental Health directly to obtain this permit.
  • All food vendors must be approved by the Routt County Department of Environmental Health and follow guidelines set forth by the Colorado Department of Public Health.  If you have any questions about the requirements to operate a temporary food service establishment, please call the Routt County Department of Environmental Health directly.  They will do on-site testing and a walk through prior to every special event. There is no refund for vendors who do not pass the health inspection prior to the event.

Routt County Department of Environmental Health

P.O. Box 770087, Steamboat Springs, Colorado 80477

Phone (970) 870-5588, Fax (970) 870-5404


  • Colorado State Sales Tax Use Permit
  • City of Steamboat Springs Sales Tax Use Permit
  • Proof of General Liability Insurance of $1,000,000 minimum coverage naming Steamboat Movement Fest as an additional insured (failure to provide proof of coverage at least two weeks prior to the event shall result in the release of your booth space)
  • Signed Terms & Conditions
  • Vendor Permit
  • Business License

Vendor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Steamboat Movement Fest, its Governing Board, subsidiaries, partners, sponsors, agents, employees and assigns from any and all claims, causes of action suits, damages, theft, injuries and losses to any person or goods arising out of relating to the Festival. Vendor agrees that this release shall be a full and final compromise and release of any claims, demands, actions, and causes of action, known or unknown.

Vendor shall permit photographs and video recording of their booths, employees and agents. All photographs and video footage shall be the sole property of Steamboat Movement Fest and may be exploited by Steamboat Movement Fest in any manner or media without obligation to vendor.

Steamboat Movement Fest shall not be liable for any failure or delay in performance arising from causes beyond Steamboat Movement Fest’s reasonable control, including, without limitation, weather, acts of God, fire, flood, terrorism, strikes, failure of suppliers or subcontractors to substantially meet its performance obligations under this Agreement.

Vendor will be solely responsible for any and all sales, use, or other taxes, fees, permits, and surcharges imposed by any federal, state, county, or municipality in connection with the fulfillment of the Vendor’s obligations under this Agreement and any other agreements.

Before the Event, any agreement, including this Agreement, between Steamboat Movement Fest and Vendor will be subject to cancellation by Steamboat Movement Fest with or without cause upon 3 days prior written notice to Vendor at no cost to Steamboat Movement Fest.

Vendor will be responsible for any and all damages, injuries, claims, charges and costs, whether tangible or intangible, to persons or property that in any way arise out of or relate to the performance of the Services whether performed by Vendor or any other persons/entities under the Vendor’s control or direction. Steamboat Movement Fest has no liability for damage or theft of Vendor’s materials or equipment except to the extent Steamboat Movement Fest has agreed in writing to assume liability for materials on-site and then only for any damage or theft solely due to the negligence or misconduct of Steamboat Movement Fest.

This electronic document constitutes the entire agreement between Steamboat Movement Fest and the Vendor. No changes shall be valid unless agreed to by both parties in writing.

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